Leftovers Are My BFF

20 Sep

If I had to choose one thing as the most important fact that I’ve learned about myself since going Primal, it would be that leftovers are my BFF.   (That’s Best Friend Forever, for those who did not happen to attend middle school with me.)  Seriously, there’s no way I could do this for the long haul if I didn’t cook like I’m serving a party of six every time I make a meal.  It usually doesn’t take much more time or effort to double a recipe, and you’ll thank yourself the next morning when you’re running late for work (again), and are throwing the day’s food together while searching for your keys, feeding the cats, running back upstairs to grab your phone, and trying to remember exactly where you parked the car yesterday.  What…?  Is that just me?  OK, well, if you happen to be more pulled together than I am, at least you can appreciate coming home from work to a delicious, healthy dinner that only has to be zapped in the microwave.

I’ve always suspected that I would either starve or devour the entire morning pastry tray at work if I didn’t keep my kitchen fully stocked with grab-n-go healthy snacks and easily reheated food.  Well, my test came this week.  Thursday and Friday night were both dedicated to actor-stuff, I had social obligations all day Saturday, and Sunday was spent…ahem…recovering from said social obligations. (I know, not very Primal of me to overdo it the day before, but it happens.  I did work out on Sunday.  I just spent the rest of the day…recovering.)

What I (regrettably) did NOT do this weekend.

So, come Monday morning you would have thought it was a complete surprise that I had to go to work and feed myself all day.  Since I hadn’t been to the market all weekend and had no eggs, bacon, or veggies for my usual omelet, I opted to fast for the morning.  Well, sort of.  I can’t go without my morning coffee with heavy cream.  Calories in the cream, so I guess that would technically count as breaking the fast.  Regardless, mid-morning I snacked on macadamia nuts and almonds, and that afternoon I ran out for my favorite steak salad from a local restaurant – a rare indulgence, since I usually bring my trusty leftovers for lunch.  Perfect, I thought!  I made it through the day, I’ll cook tonight, have food for the week, done.  Until I got home, checked my email, and found that I had more actor-stuff to take care of.  Not that this is a bad thing, because we love auditions!  But, it is nice to eat sometimes too…  No matter, skip dinner and take care of business.

Thankfully there was enough time to run out for eggs and – by this point – a much needed bottle of Cabernet.  I managed to get through Tuesday on some boiled eggs, macadamia nuts, almonds, plums, and a hunk of cheese that I grabbed out of the refrigerator and shoved in my mouth as soon as I got home from work.  No knife.  No neat little slices.  Just a sad hungry woman standing in her messy kitchen gnawin’ on some cheese.  But ya know what?  As I stood there nibbling on that piece of Pecorino, I realized that I went two days at work without my usual stockpile of stuff within arm’s reach, and it never even occurred to me to eat one of the croissants, cookies, or pastries that are always readily available to me on that damn tray.

Disclaimer: Not our actual tray. We never get fruit.

I know you know what kind of accomplishment this is… I’m talking about looking at a free donut and not even registering it as a possible food source.  It was a profound moment for me.  But you better believe I spent this evening cooking up some meat for the rest of the week.

My next challenge?  Tackling Las Vegas as a Primal eater this weekend.  How will I fare amidst the endless buffets, free booze, and up-all-night-pancakes-at-4am-partying…?  Only time will tell…

One Response to “Leftovers Are My BFF”

  1. theludus September 21, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    I’m starting to come around a bit on the leftovers argument, but only when backed into a corner. Nothing beats a fresh-cooked meal, but (when I’m in a hurry) it’s good to have a leftover steak in the fridge to help ward off evil drive-thrus! Good luck in Vegas!

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