23 Oct

I always love reading comments and feedback from all of you.  I especially love getting the little email alert that I have a new subscriber – and I’ve received quite a few lately, so thank you, that makes my day!  And how do I repay you all?  By disappearing for a week and not sharing any of the awesome new stuff I’ve been coming up with.  Shameful.  The truth is that the past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy, both at work and at home, and I haven’t had much time for writing.  I have been cooking – obviously, because being Primal means making my own food or starving – but I just haven’t had a chance to share.  I promise to have something fabulous and yummy for you in the coming week.

Rarely do I look this pleased while watching the clock.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few links to what’s been keeping me busy lately to hold you over until I can sit down and pen a “real” post.  So here’s a little glimpse into some other aspects of my life…

-Our horror comedy George: A Zombie Intervention (which the distributor changed from George’s Intervention) was released on DVD nationwide last week, just in time for Halloween!  This has been a long, expensive journey that started back in 2008, and to see it finally out there is really exciting.  We even had a little release party/signing at the great horror bookstore Dark Delicacies in Burbank.  Loads of fun!  The reviews are mixed – some people love it and some people zero in on the flaws that inevitably come with low budget indie film-making.  But if you like horror comedy, check it out.  You can read a hilarious first round of interviews with some of the cast on Brad’s blog.  I, along with a few others, will be part of a second round article in the next week or so.  Horror fans should really take a look at the rest of his stuff as well.  He’s a great writer, and I don’t just say that because we’re married.

A goofy, gory, good time.

-Every year I task myself with making my own Halloween costume, and every year my ideas seem to get more and more elaborate and require more time to find, sew, and piece together, even though I have less and less time to dedicate to it.  I’ve been a Moulin Rouge girl, Jem, Mommy Dearest, a silent film star, a killer porcelain doll, Ed Wood in drag…the list could go on.  This year I have to create a serious gore effect, and I’m starting to get into panicky “what was I thinking?” territory… I’ll save the details until I can post a photo, but I’m sure it’ll come together in time for our favorite Halloween party at Hollywood’s amazing Magic Castle!

No wire hangers...EVER!

-I recorded a new voiceover demo a few weeks ago, so I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking my voice and acting website with some new design ideas my coach and I came up with.  Now, I’m no graphic designer, so it’s been time consuming to say the least.  But I’m finally finished with all of that, and I’m really happy with the result – all that’s left is to add new photos, which leads us to…

-I spent most of Saturday taking new headshots in downtown L.A. with James of Actor’s Choice Photography.  He’s a wonderful guy and an incredibly talented photographer; If you need headshots, modeling photos, product shots for advertising, food photography for a cookbook, whatever, check him out!

So, if you made it this far without saying “Oh my god, how boring and self indulgent” and leaving to catch up on hulu, that’s a little of what’s been keeping me away from here.  Well, that and catching up with my shows on hulu.  Just kidding, I only wish I had time to do that!  In between, I’ve still been trying out new Primal dishes, coming up with sugar free sweet treats, and trying to squeeze in Ludus workouts.  I have to say though, it’s been tougher than usual lately – life has definitely been trying to get in the way of my health.  There have been so many days when it would have been soooo much easier to order in Chinese, pick up some fast food, go out for pizza… But I haven’t, and I’m very proud of that!  I know how eating that stuff makes me feel, and I’m just too damn busy to feel rundown, tired, and cranky right now.

One Response to “M.I.A.”

  1. gfeeasily October 23, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    Wow, how awesome on all the happenings in your life! You look seriously ghoulish in that photo. Finally, love the last few lines of your post. Nothing will make busy times worse than succumbing to yucky food.

    Thanks for sharing all that you are involved in!

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